Low Vision Support

Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Sight for All United understands that living with vision loss is a significant hardship. We have helped develop with Goodwill Industries a support group to assist in this struggle. In addition, below you will see many resources that include vision devices, transportation, support, and evaluations. We can help provide assistance with any of these services.

Mahoning County

Trumbull County

  • Trumbull Transit Servies (TTS)
    • (330) 369-2600
    • Curb to curb servies
    • If client is disabled, an individual transportation plan will be developed

Columbiana County

  • Community Action Rural Transportation CART

Low Vision Exam and Evaluation 

  • Judith A Read Low Vision Services
    • (330) 762-9755
    • 701 S. main street Akron Ohio 44311 
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Office Hours: M-F 8 am- 4 pm
    • Low vision assessment for children and adults
    • Bioptic driving program in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic akron general rehab
    • Teacher of visual impaired providing braille instruction, low vision aid training and technology instruction 
    • Orientation and mobility assessment and training 
    • Assessment of desktop and portable video magnifier

Addition Resources: 

  • EyeDaptic Glasses for Macular Degeneration and other macular diseases

  • Magnifiers and More 
  • Youngstown Radio Reading Services (YRRS)
    • Mke Mider
    • (330) 759-0100
    • Through Goodwill Industries- (330) 759-7921
    • Non-profit private channel radio station for people who are blind or print impaired in the Mahoning Valley and Western, Pa.
    • Department of Youngstown Area Goodwill industries  Volunteers read variety of local news, magazines, and books with special interest programs 
    • Provided free of charge and broadcast is 24/7 
  • Western Reserve Indépendant Living Center (WRILC)
  • Keystone Blind Association (KBA)
    • (724) 347-5501
    • Provides the "Talking Newspaper” for the Sharon Herald
    • Located in Hermitage, PA
    • Serves Northeast Ohio with services for visually impaired
  • Opportunities for Ohioans with disabilities (OOD)
    • (330) 797-9980
    • State agency that assist with vocational goals and independent living services
    • Provides assistance to individuals with a visual disability over the age of 55 to teach thewith assistancem how to be live independently and live in their own home.
  • In-Home Low Vision Occupational Therapy and Devices
    • If you would like to receive a referral for in-home therapy and devices, print this form and take it to your medical or eye doctor for a referral for therapy.
    • Download Form
    • Print this form and take it to your medical or eye doctor for a referral for therapy.
    • ALSO for all of these items, can we be consistent and have the name of the organization, a line of info, then email and phone number and last the link to the page.

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